Yes, it sounds cheesy, but obviously it’s not a hidden truth.

Two hearts beat in my chest. My left side beats for my creative work, my right heart beats for the interest in humans.All in all, for ten years I worked as a nurse in a variety of fields, but most of my time worked on the closed psychiatric ward.
There, along with the deep abyss of the psyche, I learned about creative thinking to find solutions, heard countless crazy stories, and was encouraged to explore human behavior.

During MASE, I often heard that I should separate the artsy, from an artist’s point of view, from the art director, too often I brought myself into my ideas.
But today I know that I act like a cycle as soon as I take my distance. Both sides of my heart must strike in unison to give people their own stories, in image, sound, and language, back.

My goal is always to surprise them.